Beautiful Pink Flowered Bottle Art


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A perfect blend of white and pink with beautiful flowers studded on it. A perfect show piece as a flower vase. In a set of 3 get this exclusive piece of art and decorate your house with happiness.


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Bottle art is a unique type of creativity arising from reusing the bottles and transforming them into a piece of art. Basically best from the waste. The used glass bottles can either be recycled or brought into use through these creative ideas. Bottle art comes under the concept of recycled art which aims at creating best out of waste. This idea of reusing old and discarded materials for art and creativity is not new it lasts back since the World War when soldiers used to carve images and text on artillery shells to make artwork on them. This idea has now revolutionized into recycled art. Bottles are among the material that can be reused and recycled and hence the art of creating these used bottles into beautiful art piece through creativity is known as Bottle Art. There are different kinds of bottle art some consists of paintings on the bottles while other consists of lighting. Some are purposely made antique while other bottles are carved out for modern art. There are so many varieties with these bottle art. These bottles can also be used as flower vase and with different creative ideas comes different kinds of usage. These can also be used as home decor items, also as gifts for the loved ones and best for display at house for beautification. Bottle art also consists of glass art that means painting on glass using different type of paint that makes the art look more glossy and real. As most of the bottle are made up of glass hence glass painting and glass art is also included in bottle art. Bottle art can also portray culture and history of a place. There are many bottles painted in a particular Indian art form portraying different cultures of different regions. Like the famous tribal painting of Rajasthan, Warli art on glass bottles. Also, there have been different antique created from old wine bottle portraying the history and culture of the place where it belongs. The modern art nowadays has also given a boost to bottle art as it is unique and attractive. Anything which grabs attention f

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