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Popular Questions

Account Questions

Charges if any?
For sellers or portfolio artists, there is no registration charges. Joining both the portals, seller and portfolio, is totally free of cost.
What if someone copied?
For any copyright issue, the corresponding seller/artist is fully responsible. For more details visit our Seller terms and conditions page.
Is it for professional only?
This exception is not necessary. The talent you have must be out of the box to monetize it. Housewives, students, private employees or even roadside workers are open to making their profiles along with professional artists.
What a person can sell on seller portal?
The product range varies from apparel, shoes, potteries, sculptures, figurines, jewelry, and a variety of arts and crafts, decorative items, digital creativity, and personalized goods, and so on.

General Questions

Why Galific?
This website aims to become a boon for artists and art lovers. Galific.com is an international platform to showcase one’s artistic talent not only to millions of audience but also a toehold to provide the opportunity for monetizing their creativity. This is a common platform where artists can not only showcase their craft but also sell them, and buyers can make a profitable deal with those as commercial products. We are emerging as a unique eCommerce platform that enables our customers to buy quirky, customized, digital, and creative products that are unusual in the traditional market at the best prices. This is the only online shopping platform that is uniting the unrevealed talents of underdog artists and craft persons. We are visualizing the need to market handmade crafts, out of the box items, digital creativity, combos, customized and personalized products. With the aspiration to uplift the art of creative folks, Galific Arts are strengthening its grip in collaborating the talent across the world. It is going to be the mass platform for selling creative commercialized commodities.
How it works?
Galific.com has three portals as below:
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Portfolio
In the Buyers portal, one can log in to the site and he/she is able to buy any product from the listed ones. The product categories are defined on the home page of the website. He can choose from handmade, corporate, personalized, or event-based products. Also, gifting options are available for them. For sellers, we have an easy user interface where they can sell their artwork. The art forms may include handicrafts, handmade products, handloom, digital art, designs, paintings, or some creative combos. They can directly post their products to their seller portal after registering as Sellers. You can find tutorials to understand the seller portal deeper. The portfolio section of galific.com provides a plethora of amazing options for artists to make their portfolio. Artists could be anyone from actors, singers, handicraft persons, photographers,s or anyone carrying creative talent within themselves. Moreover, they will get the privilege to upload their pictures, attach their social media profiles and stand apart from the crowd. They will be selected and paid by the event organizer who is partners with Galific LLP.
Who can be seller/artist?
Anyone who has some unique talent within himself, along with this, he/she must be diligent enough to take his craft on the stage of world where galific.com will always stand alongside him. Sellers/artist registration is not bounded by gender, age, working or homemade, location or resources. Also, a seller can be a portfolio artist and vice versa.
How a buyer can get something from the seller?
For buyers, it is a familiar e-commerce platform. You can select the desired artifact from our website, attach the file if personalization is required followed by specifying the quantity, and add it to your cart. Proceed to checkout and then pay using Paytm, Internet banking, debit card, or UPI.

Social Channel Question

How can I follow Galific on Social Media?
Galific has its social presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will be pleased to welcome you to our social media channels. Follow us: Facebook: galificindiasellbuy Instagram: @galificin Twitter: @galific
How can I join Galific India WhatsApp Group?
We welcome you to join our WhatsApp Family and get all the latest updates with no hassle. Join Galific WhatsApp group
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